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Your content sucks, we can make it suck less.

I started Black Jellybean Co with a vision in mind of a whole team of Content Creators, Bloggers, Vloggers, Photographers, Videographers and everything in between working together to create something special for brands all around the world. A creative hub with anything and everything that you'll need for your business.

Need some new Instagram content? Need a YouTube video made? Need some blog posts written? We got you covered! Our team may be small right now, but in the wise words of every man ever, size doesn't matter.

We are looking for Content Creators to join our growing team! Shoot through an application here and we'll be in touch!

In case you were wondering 'Why Black Jellybean?' I hate black jellybeans and I could probably count all the people that I know personally who like them on one hand. I think it's funny having a business name be something that people don't like. But trust me, you'll like us.

If you need anymore convincing just check out our work in our clients tab by pressing content → clients

One look and you'll be hooked.

- Pat

Happy Clients


Pat is a conscientious and creative individual. He pulls out the stops to deliver the extra mile with added passion and nailing the brief. He sees things other photographers don’t, capturing people, places and items with a unique, urban but distinctly soft look. It is a classy signature style, but he is open and willing to shoot as needed as per the brief.
— Harrie Jack, Magnum and Co.
Pat is a part of the new generation of creators, he is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to creation. He has a distinct style in his capturing and editing. He is just scratching the surface of his potential. Watch out for this boy, I hope that he will remember me when he is super famous.
— Chooe Hwang, Streething
Working with Pat has been an absolute dream. He has an incredible eye and is always pushing the boundaries to get the right shot and keep things innovative. He has a really unique style and I love the different perspective he always seems to find in his photography. He is also really easy to work with on a shoot, taking on a brief and always ensuring he gets the shots required!
— Alycia Raco, Magnum and Co.