My Daily Routine

A two-minute read.


My morning routine really starts the night before. I use the app MinimaList to write down my tasks, jobs and work that I need to get done. These are sorted by importance.

I take a look at this list every night before bed and see which tasks need to be completed the following morning, and I set my alarm according to how much time I need to complete the tasks — if any.


I get up between 5-6am every morning, no exceptions. I wrote a blog explaining why I get up this early, and you can read that here. Not only by getting up early do I have the time to finish all my tasks before going to work, no one else is awake, so this limits all distractions from the task at hand. I won’t be wasting time messaging people on Facebook. But the main reason why I love getting up early is the feeling it gives you. If you have the discipline to get yourself up out of bed early every day, then from the second you wake up, you’ve already accomplished a goal and had a victory that most others have not. Once you have one victory, this will push you throughout the day to make more little victories for yourself, be it working out, eating healthy or just being happier.


In this hour, I have my shower, eat breakfast and get ready for work. Occasionally there are leftovers to take in for lunch, other times I make lunch to take in. Nothing exciting really ever happens here.


Commuting to work. Possibly the most boring part of my day. Crowded trains, loud cars. If I could change anything in life, it would be how close I live to work.

I leave for work and 7:30 which gives be around 15 minutes to walk to the train station and get a coffee at Kylon Eatery on the way. Once on the train — if I’m not feeling like I’m in the middle of a scrum with fifty other people — I read one of my books. Currently, I’m reading Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life and Sarah Knight’s The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*.


Work, work and more work.


Commuting home from work. I will either get the bus or the train home from work, depending on how fast they are on the day. Busses are always 15-20 minutes late so trying to plan my trip home based on the timetable is impossible.


I usually spend this time either chatting to friends, watching TV, or playing games.




More games. I like to get all of my work done in the morning so that I have this time in the evening to play games. Most recently I’ve been playing Black Ops 4’s BR mode Blackout almost every day, but the new Super Smash Bros game came out last week, so that has consumed most of my evenings now.


Get ready for bed. Check my tasks for the next morning. Rinse. Repeat.

Pat Barlow

Pat Barlow is a Sydney based Photographer and Content Creator who has a keen eye for Architecture and Design.