Belated Welcome!

3rd blog post in and I haven’t even said hello! Well... hello I guess.

I’ve always loved Architecture, Design and Technology. I’ve also always wanted to create a blog where I can share my thoughts, influences and experiences but haven't had the time with study and work but now I've decided to set aside time each day and write a little blog or post some images for you guys to look at and feel inspired too.

First, a little about myself. I am a Photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I work full time at a Photography Lighting and equipment store in Alexandria called Hypop and I photograph Architectural Projects on the side for a little extra cash. I've always has an interest in Architecture and wanted to even pursue a career in it during High School. I sort of lost that spark but picked it up once again through Photography! Check out some of my shots here:


I'm a pretty big nerd when it comes to tech and I'm always buying new tech just because it looks cool. I don't even know what most of it does to be honest.

I hope that you guys are as excited as I am and come along with me on this journey and lets hope that this can grow to something bigger and better!

As always, peace out and love life,


Pat Barlow

Pat Barlow is a Sydney based Photographer and Content Creator who has a keen eye for Architecture and Design.