Taking a Break from Social Media

I have decided that this February, I will be taking a break from Social Media for a month. Somewhere along the way I got lost with likes and followers, becoming addicted to checking my phone every time it buzzed in my pocket or on my desk.

I began to feel as though I couldn’t post what I wanted on my Instagram, but what every one else wanted to see. If I posted anything else, I wouldn’t get any likes and I would feel like a failure. I began to post on some other accounts with no followers which took away so much stress and allowed me to post whatever I wanted and I started to enjoy Social Media again.

Now I’m not taking a break because I feel that I physically cannot live without my phone, but because I need to prove to myself that my life and business doesn’t revolve around Social Media and the likes and followers that come along with it all.

This year I started reading, and I have been loving every minute of it. I managed to read six books just this month alone. I set a goal of 20 for this year and I am hoping to smash that goal by June. I am hoping that this month off gives me more time to read, write blogs and be more present with family and friends directly around me.

I highly recommend that you join me next month and try and go without Social Media for the shortest month of the year. If you want to give it a shot, send me an email to hello@blackjellybean.co as this will be one of the only ways to reach me for a month.

Much love.

There’s a big difference between being known, and being successful.