Fuck Social Media

I'm scared that I'm sinking, I'm scared that I’m falling
The world think I'm balling and maybe I am

I know that I'm strong, I know that I am
I know I'm the man
And whether you poor or you filled with financial security
Everyone’s dealing with their own insecurity
Even the preacher who was born with impurity

Pray for maturity, hope that I grow
Hope my anxiety stay on the low

Where do I go? What would you do
If suddenly all of your dreams came true?

Fuck social media
Telling me who I should be

They always compare, they always compare me to others
And try to pit me up against all my brothers

Do what you love and don’t give a damn

Put your ego on the shelf
And remember, love yourself

Pat Barlow

Pat Barlow is a Sydney based Photographer and Content Creator who has a keen eye for Architecture and Design.