Welcome to Black Jellybean Co.

Wassup, Welcome to Black Jellybean Co. Otherwise known as your new home. I created Black Jellybean with a vision of a family filled with creatives of all types, from bloggers to photographers, painters to chefs. I want to create a home where a company can come to get content for their website, YouTube or even store front and we'll have the creators to make it all happen.

It a big dream, I know. But why not. Already with a small team and a few projects in the works I'm feeling good about the future of Black Jellybean.

Now, why Black Jellybean. Because no one likes them, that's why. I can count how many people like them on one hand. My mum and my boss at work. I wanted a name that sounds dumb and that people think ew. Black Jellybeans are gross, but you'll like us, so next time someone says that they hate Black Jellybeans, you'll think of us.

Don't really know where else I'm going with this.

If you want to join the Team just send through an application here! We're looking for Photographers / Videographers / Vloggers / Bloggers / Artists / Anything really. Hit us up!

Peace, Pat