Top 5 ways to improve your life. Today.

1.  Stop caring so much about what others think

The first step — in my opinion, to improve your life initially is to stop caring so much about what other people think. What they think of you, your appearance, your actions or anything else that you do. You can do whatever you want, don’t let anyone stop you or let you feel judged or embarrassed for your choices.

People spend way too much time worrying about what others will think of them. The truth is that people don’t have time to worry about that they think of you, because they are too busy worrying about what other people think of them.

2.  Start doing what you truly want to do with your life

You will always see people who hate their jobs, people who continuously post about wishing they were somewhere else, doing something else.

According to Lifeline Australia, the 2015 ABS stated that there were over 3000 deaths due to suicide in 2015 in Australia alone. That’s eight a day. One (of many) factors that contribute to this high number of suicides is stress. Stress that may be caused by working in an environment unsuited to that person.

So do what you want to do. Write that book that you have been putting off for months. Get out there and start taking photos with the camera that you got all those years ago. Even if you have to work a job that you don’t like. Find hobbies that make you happy. Put yourself first. 

A quote that I truly believe we all must live by is a little cliched, but necessary.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

3.  Appear more confident, and you will be more confident

Confidence mainly stems from appearance and posture. If you appear to others as if you are more confident, naturally, you will begin to become more confident.

Everyone unknowingly compares themselves to others on an imaginary hierarchical ladder. If someone meets you, and you are struggling to maintain eye contact, you’re hunched over and your head is facing downwards to the ground, people you meet will begin to place themselves above you on this figurative ladder. You look defeated and unconfident, so to others, you appear as such. You aren’t respected.

Be confident with your words, stand up straight and maintain eye contact. Watch, as others start to see this confidence and begin to respect you.

4.  Stop comparing yourself to others

Their life and current situation is far different to yours, whether it be physical strength, intellect, or appearance.

To quote Jordan B. Peterson: “No matter how good you are at something, or how you rank your accomplishments, there is someone out there who makes you look incompetent. You’re a decent guitar player, but you’re  not Jimmy Page or Jack White.”

Others have not lived the same life that you have, experienced the same things or even lived in the same country for that matter. Stop comparing yourself to them. Compare yourself, to who you were yesterday.

5.  Smile

It is proven that just by smiling, your happiness will be increased. So smile. Be happy with the life that you have, not longing for something that is not. Be grateful, confident and happy. Nothing can stop you.