Insta Inspo - 01

I practically live on Instagram. Whenever I have a hint of spare time throughout the day, you can bet your ass that I'm scrollin' my way downtown.

I come across a lot of amazing feeds every day so I would like to create a new blog series titled 'Insta Inspo'. Now these aren't just necessarily inspirational feeds, I just liked the alliteration. Sue me.

1. Menswear Dog

Hemingwow 📜🖋

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Damn straight we're kicking off this list with not only a dog, but a dog wearing clothes. My boss showed me this account. My fricking boss. Now thats boss. Hemingwow indeed.

2. Kris Martyn

Perfectly timing the end of a day long hike.

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I came across Kris' account last week and have loved his feed since. The colours and the mood is perfect. His editing is top notch. Bravo Kris. Bravo.

3. Christian Watson

The artist formerly known as: 1924us is back and killing it under a new name: 1924house. Christian has been one of my favourite Instagrammer / Artist / Photographer / Designer / All-round-cool-guy for quite some time now. I was devastated when he announced that he was ending his Instagram account 1924us. That feed was my life. I randomly stumbled across his new account last week and was so glad that Christian decided to return to the gram. Already killing it at 25k followers.

4. Antoine Janssens

The most iconic mountain of Switzerland #matterhorn

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What to even say about Antoine's feed. It's killer. The tones, the feels, the A E S T H E T I C. It's all on point. Check it. Yo.

5. Lushsux

Do you like your @kimkardashian swole or non swole?

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Damn straight we're ending on a meme lord. Who DOESN'T like seeing swole Kim Kardashian on their feed let alone on their wall. Check his feed for some very S P I C Y memes.


The legend en93kitchen watches anime, then makes and styles food from that anime. What else is there to say? WINNER WINNER

Thank you for reading this first edition of Insta Inspo! I hope you felt inspired at some points. Have a great easter weekend and I'll see you next week sometime in another blog!

As always, peace out and love life.