Japan - March 2018

Our team member Zoe took a trip to Japan earlier this year and shot some amazing photographs. Read about her trip and check out the photos below!

I took a week long trip to Japan in March 2018. I've had a huge interest in going to japan ever since my love for photography has developed. Having lived in Australia my whole life, I've always been interested in traveling to countries with such rich culture and I thought no better place than Japan. I flew into Tokyo on the 26th of March and stayed in Shinjuku for 3 nights. I then jumped on the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto and was there for 2 nights after jumping back on the Shinkansen and travelling to Osaka for the last 2 nights of the trip. Although I was only away for 1 week I packed a lot into the trip and saw all the sights I'd hoped I'd see. I would most definitely do more travelling in Japan in the future and would highly recommend it, an amazing country full of lovely people, unreal food and a beautiful culture.


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